Septic Tank Treatments

Naturally Restoring and Maintaining, Clog-Free, Odourless Drainage Systems

The Difference Between Good and Bad Septic Tanks

Bad: Inactive, Slow-Working Nightmare Septic Tanks

Good: Inside Your Healthy, Active, Odour Free Septic Tank

Muck-Munchers – Naturally Restoring and Maintaining, Clog–Free, Odourless Drainage Systems

Your Introduction to Septic Tank Systems

Household drainage systems have to rely on 2 vital components –

– The Septic Tank or Bio-Filter into which your household drains, from toilets, basins, sinks, baths, dishwashers and washing machines dispose of their waste.

– A Drain Field or Leech Field which allows purified or partly purified waste water to safely filter away into the surrounding soil.

What Can Go Wrong?

The natural digestion process can easily be disrupted, because bacteria and natural enzymes are easily destroyed by detergents, antibiotics, bleach, paints and other chemical substances.

This inactivity leads to tank stagnation and dangerous build-ups of grease and sludge.

Resulting blockages cause foul water to over-flow from the tank and together with smells.

Surrounding land may water-log too. Most septic tank owners have little choice but to empty their tank at €150 to €250 a time – then wait for the next time.

– Blocked Drains, Backing Up
– Effluent seeping out
– Foul water overflowing
– Bad smells

Muck Munchers Programme – Costing Less than €40 a year
Significantly REDUCES COSTS of Much More Expensive…

– Repeated Tank Clean Outs
– Drain Field Repair or Cleaning
– Drain Field Replacement

The Muck Munchers ‘All Year Round’ Programme

Day 1Day 1 – Simply Flush Down a Muck Munchers Kick-Start Bio-Booster to Invigorate Your Tank

If you avoid flushing for an hour or two, microbes will start to populate drain walls prior to reaching the tanks, improving pip cleansing.

Day 2Day 2 – Flush Down Your First Muck Munchers XL Solu-Pack

That’s it – just drop the sachet in to a toilet and flush. However, if you have bought directly from the site or request a monthly email reminder, we suggest that if it’s near the end of the month you delay the application, until you receive your reminder on the 1st of next month.

Months 2 to 12 – Now Flush Down a Muck Munchers XL Sachet, Each Month

TIP – If you flush the monthly treatment down a different drain each month, this will help keep drain-pipes in cleaner, better flowing condition.

REMINDER – When buying Muck munchers XL Programme online, we’ll send you a short monthly reminder to add your next monthly treatment – you can cancel this reminder at any time.