Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most popular questions asked by our customers

What are Muck Munchers?

Originally developed for waste water treatment by water supply companies, Muck Munchers are a proven biological treatment for digesting organic waste, including fats and greases.

Are there any Chemicals in Muck Munchers?

No. Muck Munchers XL and Kick-Start Bio-Booster are based upon entirely naturally occurring products and contain harmless bacteria.

Are Muck Munchers Toxic?

No. Because Muck Munchers are entirely biological they actually have a beneficial effect upon the environment. We do, however, recommend that you take reasonable precautions, washing your hands after use, avoiding eye contact and inhaling or ingesting the product.

Do I Need More Munchers for a Big Family?

Muck Munchers XL contains sufficient for a normal sized family septic tank and is guaranteed for a household of 4. If you have more than 4 people in your household, you should consider doubling up the quantity of Muck Munchers Solu-Packs each month or, even better, use them at 2 weekly intervals.

Do Muck Munchers Eliminate Grease?

Muck munchers do indeed digest grease and fat, which is a major cause of blocked drains both in pipes to the tank and the outflow drain-field pipes from your septic tank system.

Will Muck Munchers Clear Blocked Drains?

When you flush Muck-Munchers down a sink or toilet, a proportion of bacteria will adhere to drainage pipes, where they will help digest organic waste that has coated them.

Which is the Best Toilet to Apply Muck Munchers?

Stuck for choice. When using Muck Munchers Bio-Booster use a toilet that is the furthest from the drains leaving the house. With monthly Muck Munchers Solu-Pack treatments, use different toilets, or, if you have a slow running drain from a bath, basin or sink, dissolve the Solu-Pack in a few litres of luke-warm water, leave for an hour and then discharge.

Is Muck Munchers and Alternative to Emptying a Cesspit?

Not always. If you discharge a lot of chemicals, detergents, fats and greases, antibiotics in to the system or if it’s already under stress you may either need to add more frequent Muck Munchers Solu-Packs or empty the Septic Tank or Cesspit. What you should experience is far less frequent emptying, together with a healthy, odourless tank with more effective outflow drainage.

I’ve Just Emptied my Cesspit – Will Muck Munchers Still be Beneficial?

This is the perfect time to start using Muck-Munchers to establish a very active bacterial population and a very healthy tank.

Are Muck Munchers Effective in Winter?

Muck Munchers are indeed effective in winter. You might not be in the garden – you might not notice the smells. But underground the septic tanks are warm, from bath and shower water, and bacterial activity. The bacteria are active and going about their business, doing a really effective clean-up job. So come summer you should be completely odour-free with the tank working at peak performance.

What Does Muck Munchers Kick-Start Bio-Booster Do?

Muck Munchers Kick-Start Bio-Booster introduces literally billions of bacteria in to you septic tank system that quickly generates aerobic activity even in pretty stagnant systems. A fairly healthy tank may not need it. But to give you a no-quibble, money-back guarantee, we’d prefer you use it. We also want you as a life-long customer so we need to guarantee your success.

Can I Use Muck Munchers in my Bio-Filter Klargester?

The answer is a definite yes. Muck Munchers are the perfect alternative to more frequent cleaning and emptying Klargester sewage.

Can Muck Munchers Stop My Cesspit / Septic Tank Overflowing?

Muck Munchers can help, but not in all situations. Cesspits and Septic Tanks can overflow for two reasons: blocked drainage-fields caused by poor tank activity or water-logged ground. Overflows in themselves can also create water-logged ground. If your tank is already over-flowing, we’d recommend that first you empty the tank, then start using Muck-Munchers immediately. Use a total deep clean to activate bacteria in the drainage field. Regular use of Muck Munchers will significantly reduce the chances of overflows, except where the area is water-logged, inhibiting the escape of ground-water.

Will Muck Munchers Harm Pumps?

On the contrary. By creating an active aerobic environment, waste becomes more fluid, making it less demanding on such equipment as pumps, reducing wear and tear and extending pump working-life.

Can I Still Use Washing Detergents and Bleaches?

Yes. It’ important to understand that Detergents and Bleaches destroy bacteria. The healthier your septic tank, the more efficiently the bacteria population can cope with pollutants. Regular monthly Muck Munchers Solu-Pack treatments are designed to help counteract the impact of detergents and bleaches.

Will Muck Munchers Harm the Environment?

No. By digesting sewage and organic waste, the waste water entering the surrounding soil area is cleaner and purer, resulting in a healthier environment.

How Does Muck Munchers Reduce Septic Tank and Cesspit Emptying Costs?

To perform effectively, Septic Tanks rely on aerobic bacterial activity to degrade and digest sewage and organic sludge. By increasing that activity, Muck Munchers digest the waste reducing the chances of over-flows, sewage back-up and clogged drains. As waste is significantly reduced the need for emptying septic tanks is also reduced and in many instances can be virtually eliminated.

Why Do Septic Tank and Drain-field Systems Clog?

If there is insufficient microbial activity in a septic tank the ‘waste water’ flowing from the tank will contain sewage, fats and grease that can easily clog the drain-field pipes and the little drainage holes within them, through which waste water normally percolates through to the soil.

Can Muck Munchers Clear a Blocked Drain-field?

Provided there is some water flow in the drain-field, Muck Munchers can, over time clear and restore a partially blocked drain-field. To ensure maximum performance, Bio-Gard produce Muck-Munchers Deep Clean treatments to provide very high levels of biological activity immediately in emergency situations.

What Brands of Septic Tank Can I Use Muck Munchers In?

You can use Muck Munchers in all Septic Tanks and Bio-Digesters, including Tricel, Klargester, Clearwater and Allerton.

Can I Use Muck-Munchers in my Holiday Home Here or Abroad?

Muck-Munchers is particularly suited for Septic Tanks that have periods of infrequent use, which can easily become inactive through lack of use. Hence, as many customers tell us, you’ll find Muck Munchers will provide a trouble-free sewage waste solution in second homes in the UK, Ireland and abroad. Most countries have no special regulations, as Muck Munchers have a very positive environmental effect. If in doubt it might be worthwhile checking.

If you can’t re-charge Muck Munchers every month, then when you arrive, add ‘the missing months’ treatments and this month’s treatment soon after you arrive.