Muck Munchers XL + FREE Bio Booster

Muck Munchers XL + FREE Bio Booster

Muck Munchers XL is a 12 Month Programme Designed to Reduce Organic Waste in Septic Tanks by up to 97%. As the ultimate non-toxic, natural biological septic tank cleaner Muck Munchers provides effective treatment, all-year-round, plus a specially formulated booster treatment to quickly activate your entire septic system and drainage-field outflow network.

12 Month Supply

49.99 (inc P&P)

PLUS FREE Kick-Start Bio Booster Normally €19.99

Muck Munchers XL is a simple-to-use flushable soluble sachet treatment which, when used monthly can result in significant savings on expensive septic tank emptying plus drainage system repairs and rebuilds.

Plus – For guaranteed, ongoing  success every 12 month supply of the Muck Munchers XL programme comes with a Muck Munchers Bio-Booster Start-up Pack absolutely FREE.

Used together they are guaranteed to maintain your system in tip-top condition, digesting organic material, including fats and grease, counteracting detergent, bleach and other chemical contaminants.

Real Benefits for You


Our Non-Chemical Formulation makes Muck Munchers Easy and Safe to Use


Saves money by significantly Reduces Expensive Pump-Outs


Peace of Mind All Year Round– One Treatment Each Month will Maintain Odourless, Clog-Free Drains


Eliminates Grease Build-Ups to Guarantee Clear Flowing Tanks and Drainage Fields


Drastically Minimises the Need for Septic Tank Emptying by Rapidly Digesting Organic Waste


Eliminates Unpleasant, Unsightly Over-Flows – Reducing the Risk of  Potential Health Hazards

The Muck Munchers ‘All Year Round’ Programme

Day 1Day 1 – Flush a Muck Munchers Kick-Start Bio-Booster Down the Toilet to Invigorate Your Tank

NB: Avoid flushing for an hour or two to allow microbes to start to populate drain walls prior to reaching the tanks, improving pip cleansing.

Day 2Day 2 – Flush Down Your First Muck Munchers XL Solu-Pack

That’s literally all there is to it  – simply drop the sachet into a toilet and flush. However, if you have bought directly from the site or request a monthly email reminder and it’s near the end of the month,  we would suggest that you wait until you receive your reminder on the first of next month.

Months 2 to 12 – Simply Flush Down a Muck Munchers XL Sachet at the Start of Each Month

TIP – It’s a good idea to flush the monthly treatment down a different drain each month to  help keep drain-pipes in cleaner, better flowing condition.

REMINDER – When you buy the Muck Munchers XL Programme online, we’ll send you a text reminder to add each monthly treatment. This reminder can be cancelled at any time.